At Leder Herman, we use leather only from the highest quality we buy in the most renowned tanneries that strive for the ecological orientation of tanning leather. Quality leather is mainly beef, sheep, deer and goat leather. Leather that used to create Leder Herman products, is reworked under strict rules ecological standard and is therefore environmentally friendly. Leder Herman leather is skin friendly, because it does not cause allergies. Leather breathes and absorbs sweat. Leather is extremely resistant to rubbing and has excellent regeneration properties. Leather has an extremely long lifespan period provided that it is regularly and properly cared for with appropriate preparations that are differ according to the surface of the leather. We recognize real leather by noticing it surface irregularities and changes in color and texture.

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Genuine leather is elastic, soft, durable, stable and regulates temperature. Leather that is real and the highest quality, it has unique patterns and colors, which in addition to Leder Herman design and handwork allows Leder Herman leather to stand out from the crowd.
We know leather with a smooth surface and leather with a slightly hairy surface. Leather with smooth the surface is called hood leather, and leather with a slightly hairy surface is called suede or velor leather.

Leather Herman leather has already impressed various fashion houses, costume designers, hunters and individuals with a first-class taste for fashion. We are proud of the fact that Leder Herman leather clothes Slovenian soldiers and police officers. All Leder Herman leather products are made uniquely and in a small series. Everything
we design leather products ourselves and strive to be the leather we deliver customers flawlessly and top notch.

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